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Composite bonding involves adding tiny amounts of white composite material to transform your teeth into your perfect smile, correcting light damage or small gaps. Composite bonding is completely reversible, as none of your natural tooth structure needs to be removed, and has become a popular alternative to veneers and crowns.

Composite is a special dental resin made from a combination of plastic and glass. It can perfectly mimic tooth enamel and we can colour match it so it fits perfectly into your smile.

Composite Bonding

What does the treatment involve?

Bonding is a relatively quick procedure and can be done in a single visit to the practice, with instant results.

  • Firstly, we dry the tooth, using a rubber shield to protect your other teeth and keep the treated area away from any moisture.
  • We then prepare the surface of your tooth with an acidic gel, creating a rough surface for the composite to bond to effectively.
  • The composite material is added in layers, mimicking the colour of your natural teeth and building up the desired shape. It is hardened using a blue light.
  • We polish your teeth, making the composite look just like natural enamel and helping it blend seamlessly into your smile.
Composite Bonding

Are there any alternatives to bonding?

A more invasive alternative is to have veneers fitted. They do provide a good result and aesthetic look, but require a lot of natural tooth structure to be removed and are irreversible. With our conservative approach, we always aim to achieve a natural look with non-invasive composite bonding.

How do I look after my restored tooth?

Composite is invulnerable to bacteria and decay, but the natural tooth underneath isn’t. Great oral hygiene at home will keep your teeth lasting for as long as possible.

You may require maintenance on these restorations, particularly if you like to drink tea or coffee or enjoy other food and drinks that stain your teeth. This can easily be monitored at your regular check-ups, and professional cleans can maintain the shine achieved initially after treatment.

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