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Cosmetic Cases

View our multiple cosmetic case examples where we have restored smiles, boosted confidence and helped patients to achieve the look that they have always wanted.

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Endodontic Cases

We have a library of endodontic cases to explore, showcasing a variety of scenarios and situations where we have had to work closely with the patient and referring dentist. We have cases of primary treatment and retreatment.

UR1 Retreatment UL1 Sclerosed Canal UR5 Primary treatment LL6 Primary treatment LL6 asymptomatic PARL LR6 Deep distal caries LR6 Through MCC UL6 Patient with limited opening UL6 Through Ceramic Crown UR6 Cracked cusp treatment UR6 Minimal Access UR6 Missed MB2 LL7 Primary treatment LL7 Through 5 unit bridge LL7 Retreatment
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Implant Cases

Our specialist implant surgeon has placed thousands of implants, restoring the confidence of many patients that have entered our surgery. See some of the results for yourself.

Case 1
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To refer a patient to us, you can use our online referral form. It’s a straightforward process that allows you to send over both you and your patient’s details.

You can also send over any radiographs and photos so we can get a good idea of the case before getting in touch.

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